Life can get hectic. There are few things more soothing than relaxing in your Media room/Man Cave watching your favorite movie or television. Most Media rooms/Man Cave are mini theaters and usually, are an extension of the home owners personality. Movie themed, sports themed or anything in between, Northstar Roofing, Fencing, & Gutters is here to create your dream. Custom shelves, cabinets and more....

What is a Mancave?
Men are not typically decorators. But if you give them their own turf, theyve got ideas galore, many of which involve the latest TVs, Projection Tvs, Surround sound, Custom Bars, Comfy Leather Chairs and Bar games.

A Man Cave is a room in the house (although some men have been known to renovate sheds), where a man can get away from the pressures of daily family life. It is their personal refuge from the day to day. Man Caves come in all shapes, sizes and themes but one thing they all have in common is loads of testosterone.
The Man Cave is no longer an elusive dream. According to a recent survey by, 40% of homeowners say their home already has a man cave and another 13% said a man cave is either in the planning stage or in the process of being built.

Definition of Man Cave
According to most definitions, a man cave is a space in the home where a man can entertain, relax, and enjoy his hobbies without having to worry about his wife's home decor aesthetic. Man caves are a type of modern-day den or study.

Man Cave Ideas
Man cave is a generic term covering many different styles, depending on the interests of the people involved. Are you looking for man cave ideas?

Some man cave examples include:
High Tech
Home Theater
Home Bar
Card Playing
High Tech Man Cave

Definition: A TV or game room featuring high-tech home theater equipment, the latest video games, and surround-sound.

High Tech man caves are extremely popular right now. If you are a techie or even if you just appreciate cool stuff, high tech man caves are on the rise.

We live in a technology driven society these days. As a result our gadgetry can be used in multiple rooms. Let Northstar Roofing, Fencing, & Gutters create a custom high tech man cave for you. Be it lighting, sound or decoration we will make your man cave dreams come true.


Theater Man Cave

: A home cinema with movie theater-style chairs and a popcorn popper.

Northstar Roofing, Fencing, & Gutters believesa great home theater is more than just a giant screen and spectacular sound. It is also an artful mix of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics creating an unmistakable environment. Theaters designed and installed byNorthstar Roofing, Fencing, & Gutters always embody the sights, sounds, and sensations found in the highest quality movie houses. We feel the best seat in the house should be your seat. We provide entertainment barely envisioned even ten years ago, and we are committed to providing the expertise necessary to design and build the system of your dreams.

We specialize in working with:

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Custom Millwork
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Murals
  • Stucco
  • Stonework
  • Theater Rooms
  • Wine Cellars
  • Exercise Rooms
  • Basement Design and Remodel
  • Fiber Optic Ceilings

Photo Examples

Video Examples
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SportsMan Cave

:A sports haven with a big-screen TV, a mini-fridge for refreshments, and memorabilia from your favorite sports teams.

Sports man caves can range in a variety of types and rooms. At Northstar Roofing, Fencing, & Gutters, we have converted basements, garages and spare bedrooms into fabulous Sports themed man caves.

Choose your favorite sports team, or an homage to all sports Northstar Roofing, Fencing, & Gutters can make your sports themed man cave a reality. You dream it, we'll build it.

Commonly installed Sports Man Cave items:
  • TV (Bigger the better)
  • Game Console
  • Surround Sound
  • Lazy boy seats or three chair combos
  • Raised seating
  • Acoustical Paneling
  • Sports Decorations: Lockers, jerseys,
    footballs, basketballs, sports memorabilia and more...

Photo Examples:

Video Examples
Home Bar Man Cave

Definition: A home bar featuring a saloon-style bar and a pool table.

Home bar man caves are man caves which have more of a bar theme. Some men will even go as far as to recreate their favorite bar or the bar of their dreams in the basement, garage or spare room.

The home bar man cave is perfect for entertaining friends and family. Creating the bar of your dreams in your basement can be an amazing experience. You will find a lifetime of enjoyment being able to entertain any guest with your impressive home bar man cave.

Most home bar man caves contain items such as:
  • A classic wooden bar
  • Dart boards
  • Pool Table
  • Video Games
  • Neon signs
  • Beer or alcohol vendor signs
  • Kegerator or beer tab
  • Fridge

Photo Examples:
Arcade Man Cave

: An old-fashioned arcade with pinball and other console games.

Arcade man caves are man caves which have more of an arcade theme. Some men will even go as far as to recreate their favorite arcade or the arcade of their dreams in the basement, garage or spare room.

The Arcade man cave is perfect for entertaining friends and family. Creating the arcade man cave of your dreams in your basement, spare bedroom or garage can be an amazing experience. You can fill it with games from your youth as well as modern classics.

Usually Arcade man caves contain items such as:
  • Classic video games
  • Pool tables
  • Air hockey
  • Beverage dispenser

Photo Examples:

Card-Playing Man Cave

Definition: A poker room with a gaming table and storage for snacks, drinks, and stacks of cards.

Poker man caves are man caves which have more of a Poker or card playing theme. Some men will go as far as to install multiple card tables and accessories for friends or family to play with while waiting to get into the next game.

The Poker/Card Man cave usually is a combination of a sports man cave and a home bar man cave with one exception, CARD TABLES! Some guys spare no expense to recreate a pro card table experience.

Poker/Card man caves contain items such as:
  • Poker Tables
  • Large TV (Projection or Digital)
  • Home Bar
  • Dart boards
  • Neon Signs
  • Pool Table

Photo Examples:
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